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Young Magazine 2014 No.44

Holy molly

HKT representative for Next gen Ace, Miyawaki Sakura

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Last handshaking event for:
- Katayama Haruka (last graduation stage on september 29)
- Nonaka Misato
- Kikuchi Ayaka

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Don’t you feel like fans are like a family? Well i do!

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UTB 2014.11 Vol.223


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omg those faces

omg those faces

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週刊プレイボーイ 2014 No.40 未公開グラビア



週刊プレイボーイ 2014 No.40 未公開グラビア

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Kawaei Rina posted on 755 that she’s going to stop doing handshakes and some people have commented asking her to continue. This is Takamina’s response to the situation:

I saw Kawaei’s post.


It’s not everyone but there are some inconsiderate comments.

You know that thing that happened…
It was a really serious thing.
Handshakes. Handshakes. Handshakes.
It’s an important place.
So I’m glad to be able to continue them and to see everyone again.

You know, for Kawaei,
She wants to meet everyone
To shake hands with you, to talk to you,
To know one another
I think we go past that fence of being fans and idols.

Like friends or family…
For example, when I get chosen to become a regular on a show and when my second single was decided, it made everyone happy right? As if it were your own happiness.

That makes me happy.
I like the feeling of us working as a team
For my own dream that now isn’t just mine alone.

We have to get past it.
At times of trauma
When it’s hopeless
When we don’t know what to do
How would each of you want to reach out to those around you?

Is it through words of encouragement?

Is it by asking “When will you start handshakes again?”

Is it by waiting?

She’s on 755 in her own way
I think she wanted to be connected to everyone

When handshakes stopped,
I was really anxious…

I wondered if we don’t have handshakes,
Would the number of people supporting us decrease?

I know that waiting is difficult

Not being able to see each other is painful

But if you’re a real fan

Give her time!

If Kawaei starts handshakes again…
Everyone, please take care of her!