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I can’t get my eyes off Ryoha

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Cute and Pretty



this is my first experience with anything kamen rider

two minutes in and its already fucking incredible

there’s a growing fourze fanbase on tumblr i dont know about.

Makes me instantly want to watch it.

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Anonymous asked : Excuse me, I've been into HKT for two weeks now and I'm trying to met other members than those in senbatsu. Do you know a good site/blog/tumblr where can I find stuff about less known girls? Love your blog, btw. Nako is so cute.



That’s so cool, I’m so happy that you got into HKT48 as they are dafinatly the best :> Of course I’ll be willing to help you.
First, These are two tumblr who posts cool and a lot of GIFs of HKT, from their theater appearance and you can really get to know a lot about them through the theater: meron-juusu-san and marxakuarius-san.
Another tumblr I’ll recommend you is xxxakaskorpion, skorpion-san  posts a lot of gay/yuri moments of the girls and has something like…. 60pages tagged as HKT48 and that’s really cool. I love this tumblr. (and you can get to know all of HKT48 pervent and most of the couples).
Another seriously cool tumblr is cub0zoa that has something like tons of Vimeo and DM accounts, but s\he makes gifs as well and reblogs G+ and that such a good tumblr, not only HKT but HKT are a big part.
G+ translation’s too, sayanara231 translates Haruppi (Kodama Haruka), Lovetan (Ota Aika), Seriinu (Kumazawa Serina) and Yukachan (Akiyoshi Yuka) regularly (and translated Eretan (Sakamoto Erena) before), plus some irregular translation. theloneliestavocado translated Sakura (but stopped ;;;), kshik24 posts Aoitan (Motomura Aoi), Chiichan (Anai Chihiro). dejuredemesne posts Kurihara Sae and other cool Hakata things. dreamingpebbles translates Chiizu (Umemoto Izumi). hashirepiplup and ihtmyslf posts only the google pictures. masssterchief posts Natsu (Matsuoka Natsumi) translations. arigatoueki posts Naocchi (Ueki Nao) daily Google Plus photos. komada-hiroka-kawaii posts Piichan’s G+ and Piichan staff. ozoranico posts Chiichan’s Mobame. For Yabuki, yabukinako are of course the best, sometimes they translate as well.  arifer-48 translates/ed Asuka (Tomiyoshi Asuka) and some Mikurin’s Mobame. hakatahyakkaten translated Google plus before it went in Hiatus ;-;. in Stage48 Meru’s thread there is someone who translates her last google plus.
Other then this, for more random tumblr, like mine, dannyl1017 is cool and very nice, blueberrypii is a nice tumblr but I never really checked it out. sick48 too. seenumm is really cool too. qqpy sometimes translates Magazines with HKT48 (just check it out, really cool and you really can  LEARN about the members).
About the members themselves, I don’t know that someone ever wrote a lot about them. Maybe I’ll try to do this, if someone will ask me too or I’ll have a lot of spare time.

I am very happy you found my tumblr and asked me about this, I’ll be more then glad if you’ll talk to me somehow (just send me a message~ i’d like to talk to you and help you with HKT).

and of course Nako is so cute, she is the cutest <3

Wait I forgot something. LonelyAvocada and Bluementaiko (just search it in google) translates HKT related Shows. Blue-san did 1-31 of Odekake, translates Shakariki and some bonus videos. Lonely Avocado did 32-52 Odekak. GUILD48 did Hakata Hayakkaten 2 and doing Goboten, Half did some too.

Great list of blogs to look out for if you’re trying to learn more about HKT48 :)

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Another Tomonaga Mio fan! Nice

What’s important is to have fun on stage.




(full ver.)


One shot - «Broken Brushes» with Annin.

Shunkan Bunshun release on Matsumura Sayuri (Nogizaka46) alleged dating.

This is going to be very ugly.