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wow!!! Nice photoshoot!!! :D
I love the picture with all white outfit. She’s sooo beautiful *o*!!!

I like the theme of the photoshoot. Cosy but stylish


Peach John

Woah OK



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Kitagawa Ryouha  - AKB48 Group Tokyo Dome Concert 2014



Kitagawa Ryouha  - AKB48 Group Tokyo Dome Concert 2014



[GIF] MERUMIO (HKT48 Tonkotsu Maho Shojo Gakuin Making)

i’m shocked, but i love it


[GIF] MERUMIO (HKT48 Tonkotsu Maho Shojo Gakuin Making)

i’m shocked, but i love it

Say my name. NMB48

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Miyawaki Sakura
    “Sakura sake” is a miraculous catchphrase

[This 11th place that I’ve received from all of you. Thank you very, very much <3 For this upcoming year, I want to become someone deserving of 11th place! - HKT48’s Miyawaki Sakura]

She wants Sasshi to one day say “Sakura is my rival”

Sakura has bloomed!
Alright! Thank you very much. The truth is, I’ve been saying “This year’s goal is to make it into senbatsu” for a long time. That’s why, when I wasn’t called for 17th place, I thought “I made it in!! Maybe!?”; my hands wouldn’t stop shaking and I started to cry. …..But then, I still wasn’t called and my tears dried up around 14th place (laughs). I couldn’t even believe it when I was called in 11th place. I thought “Is this really okay?”

It is!! This year, so many HKT48 members made it in. The sight of everyone getting excited together with each member called was impressive.
It’s true that so many members made it in, and that was just, none of us could contain our happiness. We felt like “The general election is so fun!!”

It’s the first time that an original HKT48 member made it into senbatsu; you’re also the youngest member in this year’s senbatsu.
When I was sitting with my trophy, Takamina-san asked me, “How old are you again, Sakura?” and when I replied “16-years-old”, she was shocked. I hope that for this senbatsu single, HKT48 can add some freshness.

Looking back on this past year, can you talk about any growth or changes you’ve experienced?
I think that this past year may be the year that held the most changes for me since joining HKT48. I grew a lot height-wise, and cutting my hair was also huge. There were a lot of people who said they started liking me after I did that. How I started to look at myself also changed.

The words that Sakura-chan speak from time to time are so lovely. This time, as well, the way you likened yourself to the moon and your fans to the sun, this expression left a deep impression on me.
Really? Murashige told me “I didn’t get what you were trying to say with that” (laughs). I wonder how I should put it…the sun can shine on its own, but the moon can’t shine if the sun doesn’t exist. In the same way, whenever I’m happy, my fans are happy for me, and when I’m sad, my fans try to cheer me up. Because my fans are always there for me like this, I’m able to shine. So I get asked “Isn’t that reversed!?” a lot, but I always think of myself as the moon. It’s sort of a mysterious relationship, or more like, if I hadn’t joined HKT48, I don’t think I would’ve met this many people. I find that miracle so amazing and I’m so grateful that I met everyone. I want to hurry up and directly say “thank you” at some place like a handshake event.

You also mentioned that Sasshi was your rival.
Sasshi is, in our eyes, such an amazing presence and we’re truly grateful that she came to HKT48. But right now, we depend on her too much and even if we’re invited to a show, only Sasshi is allowed to talk. We can’t go on like this; if someone isn’t able to surpass Sasshi, then HKT48 will never be able to grow. That was the meaning behind me saying that.

When you said it, Sasshi made a fighting pose.
I was really so scared of saying it, but the way she accepted it lightly like that by making it a joke is something that I’m really thankful for and I really thought she was amazing. I’ll work hard so that one day, Sasshi will say “Sakura is my rival”.

After receiving this result, please give us a declaration of your determination for this upcoming year.
As part of HKT48, I want us to become a group that will have plans on New Year’s Eve [T.N. - invited to perform at Kouhaku Uta Gassen]. As an individual, I want my time this upcoming year to be spent in a way appropriate of someone in 11th place. I think I will have more opportunities to appear on music programs after this so I want everyone to know Miyawaki Sakura to the point where they’ll see me on such a show and say “Ah, isn’t that girl from HKT48?” and immediately recognize me. When Yuko-san took a picture with me at her graduation concert, she said “Congratulations, next is Kami 7” so I hope to work hard while aiming for that next year. And one day, I’d like to co-star with Yuko-san as a fellow actress. I believe that my way of repaying my fans is by making them think “I can work hard again tomorrow!!” whenever they see me on TV, so I want to continue to grow so that I can give everyone energy.

Miyawaki Sakura
Nickname: Sakura
Birthday: March 19, 1998
Belongs to: HKT48 Team KIV
                    AKB48 Team A
                    HKT48 1st gen
Her activities for this past year: She’s always an integral part of HKT48’s singles. She was chosen for AKB48’s “Labrador Retriever” senbatsu. She’s the co-captain of Team KIV.

how members react to a creepy lolicon

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Kodama Haruka: “Last year, you declared to ‘cwush’ your Senpai, so you had to work hard”


Seeing you present your speech up on the stage was impressive.
"Being able to give that speech was proof that I had ranked, so I was really happy about it. I wanted to make my fans feel happy as well“

Did your declaration to „cwush“ your Senpai at last year’s Sousenkyo become a problem for you?
"I think it was a good thing that I said it. Even though I don’t know if it was the right way to express it, those were the feelings that I had, and compared to last year, I was able to rank up by 16 places.“

You are moving up in a steady flow.
"When I began as a 1st generation member, in the beginning I was in the center position, but for our first original song, that changed. What I thought about at that moment was how to accept that reality, and if I could change it. It took some time for me to think like that, but right now I am really looking forward. Wherever it is, I want to become someone that people say about „Haruppi has to be there as well“. And for that, this year I am going to search for more things that only I can do and for more of a charm that only I have, and I want to improve on that.“

You also spend a year as a Kennin in AKB48 now. This time, you’ve been put in Team K, how is that for you?
"Idols have the image of always smiling and dancing to cute songs. But Team K is a cool and strong team, so I am wondering if I am going to be able to draw out a different side of myself, that I haven’t shown until now. But of course, Sayanee(Yamamoto Sayaka)-san and (Matsui) Jurina-san have a strong presence. It makes me sad knowing that when we are standing on a stage together, the guests’ eyes will be on them. But I came here from Hakata as well, and so I want to try my best to not lose out to Sakae and Namba“

A lot of HKT48 members have ranked this year.
"Because of the many happy things, this year’s Sousenkyo was really fun. When HKT48’s members were called one after another, I was as happy as if it had been myself. However, just for my fellow first generation member (Miyawaki) Sakura, together with a feeling of happiness came a feeling of frustration. She is always running ahead of me. I have to chase her, I have to surpass her; those are the feelings that I have. But this year again, Sakura advanced past me.“

You even went so far as to declare Sashihara (Rino)-san as your rival.
"For me, Sasshi (Sashihara Rino) is a Senpai I am looking up to. I hope that I can continue to learn a lot from Sasshi, and I hope that I can improve HKT48 together with her.“


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