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"The boat that crossed
The river of dreams
Quietly reaches the shore
Before dawn
The first step onto the earth
My foot will now take”

In AKB history, no one as ever influenced the group more than first generation Ace, Maeda Atsuko, aka Acchan. It’s not underrated to say that AKB48 lived a previous and post Acchan era. The road has been long, very long : To the little shy girl who call herself someone who has no quality nor confidence, she has grown up into a beautiful woman. She was well known as “AKB no Kao” (akb face,visage) ; carrying the burden of Akb center, she stepped up on every magazine, every photoshoot to represent the whole group. Of course she was not alone, supported by the kami 7 (the 7 first senbatsu members). Still, the whole strategy of success of the group lied in her hands.

Today we said goodbye to each other
Until the day we can meet again
Yes, we will wipe away our lonely tears
And send you off properly

During the Tokyo Dome performance, the ota present here can tell you how deep the feelings of Acchan were towards the fan who supported her, along as all her friends she made in the AKB family. For all she had done to push AKB48 to where it is now, and for all the love she received during all those 7 years, she bowed, full of sincerity in front of the audience. This bow was the answer of everything. The pressure, hate, and doubt faded away instantly.

" AKB wa, seishun no subete deshita.

Kôkai mo inai.”

you can translate by “AKB was all my youth. I have no regrets” . yume no kawa is the song which embodies the departure of one generation, but also the opening of a new page, the promising new members Acchan entrust to her fellow comrades of the kami oshi. Moving forward, for the sake of AKB, and for her as well. Will you support the next generation of AKB too?

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  4. trinu answered: As long as they keep the center spot as a rotating one… nobody can hold the crown like Acchan did. Nobody should be made permanent-center.
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  6. gigi0878 answered: It depends. Maybe after my favorite top graduation I wont support AKB anymore
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    Every time I watch Acchan’s graduation show I cannot help crying. I m deeply touched by their sincere friendship and...
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