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This is Mariko’s speech during the 4th senbatsu election in 2012.


We are now only 2 months away from the 5th senbatsu election, and Mariko’s words have never been so meaningful. Right now, some young members like Annin are in doubt, because they fear the bittersweetness of those who don’t leave their chair. And some others like Yuko question themselves about if there’s still something to accomplish by applying for the election.

I am a Mayuyu oshi. And i’m proud of her being first to compete in the battlefield, aiming for the top. And i want Yuko to come and give a proper fight to Mayuyu. Some of you would say : “Yuko has nothing to prove, Yuko will win easy if she participate, Yuko only has Acchan as rival…”

So be it. But still, the legacy of the old generation mustn’t be hand over, but EARNED. It has to be a challenge from both side, and the expression of wota’s support towards the girl. What i admire the most in this girls is their strong-will. The will to achieve their dreams. The senbatsu election is not only the expression of our love towards them, but also the expression of their will. The 5th senbatsu elections IS meaningful.

Only Mariko could make this speech since she’s the ballest member of AKB48. She is also a wonderful woman who care the most about her kohai (juniors).

Please support the members. Please support AKB. Vote for your Oshi.

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